Go Skateboarding Day @ Brick City, June 21

This year’s Go Skateboarding Day we decided to put together a Barbecue and build  a new ramp, so I got some friends to get up at 5am to look for stuff to build ramps, Jorge Serrano, Samuel “Pichy” Mercado and Juan “Bumba” Rodriguez helped me with the task. Later that day, we received around 50 – 60 people; from skaters to BMXers, celebrating go skateboarding day. Here’s some pictures of some good skating and if you were there, thanks for the support, and I hope everyone enjoys the pics!

OH! yeah heres a vid!


About agabo

Young photographer with new ideas and perspective in photography.

3 responses to “Go Skateboarding Day @ Brick City, June 21”

  1. nelson! says :

    yes mano! ese dia fue el mejor, buenas fotos q tomaron mano!!!!

  2. yamil says :

    jaja cabron ese dia nos curamos yiuuuuuuu el me jor dia de mi vida corriendo skate

  3. Justin says :

    dammm mano yeah the best day ever i skated awesome……but now its closed ahhhh damm but now skate around ther ahhh

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